Once Upon a Time …

… more precisely 2010, Instructor MDF started as a company with one man, consultant, Mats Forsell.
Mainly as a service to electrotechnical companies which work with automation in general
and SCADA  and PLC especially. The location is in Kopparlunden, Västerås, Sweden.

Before he used to work for 10 years with SWECO Energuide, one of Sweden and Europes biggest technical consultant firms. Working in national and international projects focusing primarily on customer training, documentation and project managing.

Already 1979 he started in ASEA (later ABB) and worked in the Company for 20 years. There he learned from all practical experience in different assignments related to SCADA-projects. Followed the technical evolution of three generation of systems ( SINDAC / SPIDER / Network Manager). Worked with system integration, comissioning, programming, training, after-sales etc.

More details can be found in the curriculum vitae ( CV_Mats_Forsell )